Mission Statement

ICEVO is dedicated to the wellness and welfare of the horse by providing specialized training to advance of the  knowledge, education, and services of veterinary equine dentistry.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to member-only forum.
  • Access to case reports submitted by Diplomates.
  • Downloadable dental charts.
  • Continuing Education Courses that qualify for credits.
  • Low yearly membership fees.


During the mid 1990s and the first decade of the twenty first century a group of veterinarians from Australia, Canada, and the United States conducted several continuing education courses in equine dentistry for veterinary practitioners.

Over those years it became apparent that veterinarians who have a special interest in equine dentistry can have a widespread effect on how equine dental care is delivered to horses. The group of veterinarians determined that an organization was needed to direct the focus of equine dentistry towards a high standard of dental care which was based on sound scientific principles and evidence based veterinary medicine.

The Alberta Veterinary Association in Canada had been supporting the concept of high quality veterinary dental care for horses by actively promoting equine dentistry continuing education programs for veterinary practitioners.  An extension of this philosophy resulted in the formation of an equine dentistry college called the International College of Equine Veterinary Odontologists.  The establishment of this college was made possible by appointing Dr. Gary Wilson, Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia as the chief course organizer and examiner for the first diplomates.

Dr. Wilson is an expert in animal dentistry care in all types of animals, including exotic zoo species.  Dr. Wilson and his faculty associates set a course program and examination procedures for veterinarians in Australia, Canada and the United States to complete in order to establish an equine dentistry college for veterinarians.  The first hand full of veterinarians completed the requirements of certification during the summer of 2010 after 2 years of course study and completion of practical and written examinations.

The goal of this organization is to encourage practicing veterinarians to further their skills in equine dentistry.  ICEVO enables veterinarians to accomplish this through course work and mentoring by ICEVO diplomats. Graduates of the college program attain advanced knowledge and skill in the discipline of equine dentistry and are regarded by their peers as specializing in equine odontology.

The International College of Equine Veterinary Odontologists was duly incorporated in the Province of Alberta, Canada in 2010.

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