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International College of Equine Veterinary Odontologists (ICEVO)

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Offers Basic Equine Dentistry  Course Summary:

The course will cover important aspects of the anatomy of the equine head that is pertinent for the management of basic equine equilibration and the proper use of dental tools and radiographs.  Participants will have hands on experience in the equilibration of cheek teeth on live horses and skulls.

Registration:  Limited to 16 veterinarians.

Cost: $900                       Payable to: ICEVO

A receipt from ICEVO will be issued.  This course is recognized by the Alberta Veterinary Association and CE credits will be issued.


This course is offered as the demand dictates and the course material may change as new information becomes available

Dates May 14-17 2015

Cost: $1400.00

Registration limited to 16 Veterinarians.

If interested in being on a wait list contact

Course outline from previous courses

Current course outline will cover similar material but may be in a different order

Thurs 7:00 pm:  Functional Occlusion in equidae:

----- Description and terminology

----- Concepts of functional occlusion


8:15 – 9:00 pm: Management of complex malocclusions in horses:

----- odontoplastic procedures for cheek teeth and incisor teeth

----- floating limits


Fri. 8:00 am:

Radiologic dental techniques and interpretation:

----- Positioning techniques:

----- Radiologic interpretation of changes associated with paranasal sinuses, incisor, canine, maxillary, mandibular teeth, and their supporting structures.

----- Case studies and interpretation of radiologic findings.


10:00 am:    Radiological case studies and interpretation:

11:00 am:  Sinus anatomy and treatments of sinus disease

Sinus flaps and trephination techniques


Lunch 12:30 – 1:15

1:15 pm:  Regional anaesthesia techniques:

----- Maxillary (Hanover), mandibular-alveolar, mental,

And local infiltration techniques.


Wet lab: 2:30 pm:

----- Radiologic techniques

----- Regional anaesthesia techniques

----- Sinus flaps, trephination, and flushing of sinuses.



8:00 am: Anatomical development of equine dentition:

------ Embryological development of hypsodont

and brachydont teeth.

------ Practical applications of equine dentistry based

on anatomical development.

8:45: am   Periodontal disease:

----- Definition, stages, and examples of periodontal disease.

----- Classification of periodontal disease

----- Periodontal pocket and diastema formation


9:45 am: Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease:

----- management and treatment of periodontal disease

----- management of periodontal pockets

----- management of diastema formation

----- medical and surgical management of EOTRH

----- periodontal disease in geriatric patients


11:30 am:  Sedation-Analgesic Strategies

-----  drug combinations and dosages

-----  sedation-analgesia for extractions

-----  Intraoperative and postoperative analgesia



1:00 pm:  Emergency pulp capping

-----  Indications and techniques

Wetlab:  Moore Equine


2:00:      ----- Examination and diagnosis of periodontal disease on specimens.

----- Pulp capping technique on incisor teeth.

----- wiring techniques for simple jaw fractures



8:00 am:  Extractions: management and practical

Intraoral techniques


9:30 am: Steinmann pin repulsion technique.

A,B,C of techniques


WetLab: 10:30:

Steinmann pin technique demonstration on specimen

Intra oral extractions on specimens


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